Prayer Letter – May 2017

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

The month of May brought to pass a major milestone for our family in preparation for deputation. I scaled down, to only working one day a week at a secular job, and began working full-time as a staff member at Beth Haven Baptist Church. This transition marked the beginning of some practical ministry training and mentorship from my pastor.

As lay people, we had always served in church ministries like the bus route, Sunday School, and junior church, but we never fully realized what life would be like as full-time ministry workers. On the first week, we jumped into the deep end and quickly became intimately acquainted with the rigorous labor that the ministry requires. Truly, a servant’s heart is required to be successful in the ministry.

Some exciting things have happened this past month. The first thing is the discipleship we are having with one of my former coworkers. He trusted the Lord in the latter part of April and immediately got plugged into the Word, church, and soulwinning. In a year-and-a-half, his disposition toward me went from antagonism, to respect, to seeking, and then to salvation. God took two secular coworkers and made them brothers in Christ, and now co-laborers together in the work of the ministry. Please pray for Tyler as he continues to grow in the Lord and seek God’s perfect will for his life.

Another exciting event took place. I was out knocking doors one afternoon and was really struggling to determine where I should start. I decided to drop off a brochure to a lady that I had met a few days earlier. Nobody answered at her apartment so I decided to knock the rest of the doors on that building. Without fail, nobody was home. When I got to the last door, I thought that I would just put a tract on the door then leave, but the Lord said to knock it. A man named Bo opened the door and looked at me as though I was strange. That awkward moment turned into a two hour event. Bo was struggling with alcohol and was considering leaving his wife that very morning. Bo repented and trusted the Lord that day. He and his wife came to church the next day, and she trusted the Lord during the invitation time. On the following Sunday morning, I had the privilege to baptize both of them. Please pray for Bo and his wife as they grow and learn to walk with the Lord.

Genesis 24:27 has a phrase that says, “I being the way, the Lord let me.” It is always exciting to see how God works. Sometimes we may not know exactly where we are going, but when we are plugged into God and are faithfully doing what He desires, we will see him work in a special way. On that Tuesday afternoon, I went out not knowing whither I went, but God had a plan. Isn’t serving the Lord great!

The month of June will be busy with camp and other activities. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of the young people. Please pray for our family as we continue on in our training and preparation for deputation. Pray that we will see many more lives changed in the process.


The Keister Family

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