February 2018

Dear Pastor and Church Family:

This month truly gave us the full experience of what deputation is like. In January we traveled mainly in Oklahoma, but in February we were able to go all over the place. We started out the month with a trip to Illinois. From there we headed back over to Colorado. While we were on our way to Colorado our meeting was canceled due to inclement weather. This was a little disheartening, but God had other plans. Due to the weather we headed south into New Mexico and stayed a few days. While we were there we were given an opportunity to present the ministry and were taken on for support. In the short time that we have been on deputation we have seen God shut doors and open others. God has been doing great things and we praise Him for it.

We received a major blessing about two weeks ago. For the last few months we have been trying to obtain the Naturalization Records for my wife’s Great-Great Grandfather. In this processes we have been bounced around to a number of different government agencies that have all said that they have no records. Two weeks ago we were given contact information for a lady in Gloucester County in New Jersey. Within a few days she had located the records and it showed us the news we were hoping for. My wife’s Great-Great Grandfather and his wife immigrated to the US from Sicily. Their son, Joseph Jr., was born before Joseph Sr. started his naturalization process. That means my wife is  eligible to received Italian citizenship. We are praising the Lord for this major answer to prayer and are already starting the process of obtaining all of the vital records that are necessary to start the citizenship process.

We are praying that we will see our support raised by the second to third quarter of 2019. By that time we would like to have all of the citizenship documentation ready so we can get an appointment with the Italian Consulate in Houston. God has been blessing and we have seen a great increase in our support from January to February. Please pray with us that God will continue to give us safe travels and allow us to be a blessing to others while we are on the road.

In Christ,

Clifford Keister

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