June 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                       June 2018

We have had a great time in the month of June! All but one of our meetings were in Texas. We met a number of wonderful pastors and church members. We’ve had two new churches partner with us and a number of others that expressed their intent of doing so. We are just $150 shy of reaching 40%. We have also had a number of opportunities to plant the seed of God’s Word along the way. God has been so good, and we are excited about the things He has been doing.

On the citizenship front, we went ahead and hired a Geneologist to help us with obtaining some of the documents that we need to fulfull the requirements put forth by the Italian Consulate. Thus far, the Geneologist has found all but one document. That is exciting! One of the documents may need to be amended and we have been told that the amendment process can be somewhat challenging. Please pray that the final death certificate can be found, and that the amendement process (if it is needed) will take place in a timely manner. Once we have received all of the needed documents we will start obtaining the Apostilles and then move forward with the translations. After those things are complete, the next major hurdle will be the process of getting the appointment with the Consulate. It is exciting to think that we could potientially have everything ready in the next two to three months if there are not any hiccups.

Please pray with me for a young man that I’ve been witnessing to for some time. When we got back to Oklahoma City, I found out that he had been in jail most of the time we were in the Northwest. The time in jail has helped with getting him off the street and off of drugs, but salvation is the only thing that will change his life completely.

At the beginning of July we will wrap up our last few meetings in Texas. From there, we will begin our Eastern Tour of the US. Once we leave, we will not return to Oklahoma until November. Please pray for safety as we are on that long journey.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

June 2018 – Click to Download.

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