August 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                   August 2018

August was definitely a great month. We spent the entire month zigzagging across the Mid-West and the Northeast. We were able to see some friends and acquaintances that are serving in the ministry, and we were able to make many new connections and friendships with pastors and lay people. We reached a major support milestone this month in the fact that we reached and surpassed the 40% mark and ended the month right at 41%. We praise the Lord for the things that He has done and how He has used His people in our lives. We had a week where the refrigerator was getting a little barren and God provided in a great way. We started the day with little and by the time the day was over we had a freezer full of steaks and other meats.

I had a unique soulwinning experience this month. One night I went out with an assistant pastor at a church in Pennsylvania. This was the same week that the huge Catholic scandal made headlines in Pennsylvania. As the conversation unfolded you could see that the wheels in the lady’s head were spinning. She did not trust Christ right at that moment, but some seeds were definitely planted in her heart.

Since we were in the Northeast, we spent some time pursuing more of the documents that we need for the Italian citizenship process. We went to the Treasury Department in New Jersey to order Apostilles, to the Vital Statistics office in Pennsylvania to get birth and death records, and to the Health Department in Maryland to order more birth and death records. Each day we get a step closer to having all of the required documentation. A ton of effort, research, and prayer has gone into this processes, and it will be a blessing when it is all completed. We look forward to the things God in store for this next month.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

August 2018 – click to download


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