January 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                 January 2019

We started out the new year hitting the ground running! January began with a few meetings in Texas and from there we made our way out to the Gulf Coast. I must admit that I did boast to some at our home church that we would be enjoying the warm sunshine for the rest of winter, but God allowed the weather to be actually quite chilly. Nonetheless, God has blessed this month in some incredible ways. One of those blessings was the fact that seven churches expressed their intent to start supporting us. That was exciting!

On the citizenship front we also took a huge step forward. We finally received the final document that we had been waiting on and have already sent it off to get the Apostille attached. We’ll move forward with getting everything translated into Italian in the next few weeks. After that it is a matter of waiting for an appointment time to open up at the Consulate in Houston. The next major matter of prayer in this process is that the people at the Consulate will approve the application.

This month I had a unique opportunity while we were out soulwinning in a predominately Catholic area in southern Mississippi. It is a really great conversation starter when I tell Catholics that we are going to Italy as missionaries. They will usually ask why. One older gentleman, named Steven, invited my soulwinning partner and I into his house, gave us bottled water, and had a rather lengthy conversation with us. He opened up about the loss of his wife and the time that he spent in Vietnam. Hopefully, the seeds that were sown will lead to Steven eventually coming to know the Lord.

January certainly was an incredible month and we look forward with excitement to the things God has in store for this next month.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

January 2019 – Click to download and print.

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