Prayer Letter – August 2017

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

Our cups are filled and overflowing. This August we were able to experience many physical and spiritual blessings. Normally, August is dreadfully hot in Oklahoma, but this was one of the strangest months that I can remember since moving here in 2004. We had rain and overcast skies for the first half of the month, and somewhat mild temperatures for the second half.

We started the month off with a conference that had an evangelistic focus. God allowed us to have the Tharp brothers in as the special singers and preachers. There was much Spirit-filled singing and a different Tharp brother preached each night. My wife also had the privilege to accompany the Tharp brothers on a few of their songs. The Epley family came in at the end of the conference and closed it out with more singing and preaching. God used all of the guest preachers in a great way. The sermons complemented each other and continued to build each night. The Lord worked mightily in our hearts that week.

The Lord blessed in our visitation and soulwinning this month. We saw a number of visitors come to church and the Lord allowed us to see a young lady, named Zaria, get saved during teen visitation. My former coworker, that was saved a few months ago, also led his first soul to Christ this month. He called me late one evening. I thought he was having an emergency, but he was so excited about leading a person to Christ that he had to tell somebody right away. There is no greater joy than to see the Lord working in our lives and the lives of those we are discipling.

A new semester at Beth Haven Baptist Seminary started this month, and I’ve been given the opportunity to teach the Missions class. We asked veteran missionaries to record video lectures on a number of topics. The students have been enjoying this format, but I have also gleaned so much wisdom. I majored in Missions in Bible College, but the timing for teaching this class couldn’t have been better as we prepare to start deputation. God always knows what is best.

Please pray with us as we prepare for our survey trip in October. Please pray for God’s provision of a deputation vehicle. God has already allowed us to book a number of meetings in 2018. Pray that more doors will continue to open.

In Christ,

Clifford Keister

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