Prayer Letter – September 2017


Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                            September 2017

There is much to be thankful for this month. Most young people in our area started school this month and we also started up our Wednesday night Task Force program for the teens. This year we started running a bus so the children that come on Sundays could be involved. It was a blessing to have the older sister of some of our junior boys visit on the first night. Her younger brothers have been riding the church bus on Sundays for over a year, and this was the first time that she came to church. My prayer is that we will see her start coming to church so she can hear the gospel.

One of the local churches in the region held their annual youth rally this month. My wife and I had the opportunity to take the teen group down for this event. Five of our bus teens were able to come for the event. The games were exciting and the preaching was Spirit filled. God dealt with three of the teens from our group about salvation. Please pray with us as we continue to share the scriptures with these young people.

The Oklahoma State Fair takes place every September and our church had the opportunity to have a booth that promoted the website. This was a wonderful learning experience for us and our church. Lord willing, we will see this online resource become an effective tool for reaching out into the community so souls can be won to Christ. My goal is to eventually translate all of the material into Italian so we can use it on the field.

Please pray with us as we will be leaving for Italy in less than two weeks. May the Lord prosper our journey, give us traveling mercies, and bless the time we spend with the veteran missionaries.    Upon the return of our trip, we will start moving out of our house. We have already had one garage sale, but we will need another one for sure. It is sobering and yet exciting to think that we will be hitting the road very soon. I would also ask you to pray with us about those who will take over the youth group for my wife and I. We have grown to love these young people and desire that the transition will be smooth.

In Christ,

Clifford Keister

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