Prayer Letter – October 2017

Our hearts are thrilled and overjoyed by the things that God has done this month. The big highlight was our survey trip. My wife and I had the opportunity to go to Italy with our pastor and his wife. We spent a little under two weeks surveying the country. When we had been there before, the farthest North we had been was Florence and the farthest South was the Amalfi Coast. This time we were able to visit a number of cities in the far Northern regions. Many of the places we went did not have any kind of an Independent Baptist Gospel witness. This is truly heartbreaking to consider. We pray that God will send forth more laborers into these needy fields.

In preparation for our trip we planned on visiting 3 veteran missionary families. We had a great time meeting and getting to know the laborers that are currently on the field. I had the opportunity to preach 4 times: twice in English and twice in Italian. On Sunday we had great church services and fellowship with the Cook Family. We were able to watch God do a great work in the heart of a 45 year-old Italian man during the morning service and fellowship. During the preaching you could tell that this man was intently listening to the message. During the food and fellowship time God used all of the conversations to continue working in this man’s heart. As the events were wrapping up Bro. Cook, the gentleman, and I were talking in the hallway and he said that he was ready to turn to Christ for salvation. After a few moments, he bowed his head and received God’s precious gift of eternal life. Let me tell you, there were many tears of joy and great rejoicing in that house that afternoon.

Leading up to our trip we had been praying for God to give us wisdom and discretion on where we should start when we first move to the field. We praise the Lord that He has opened our eyes and given direction in this matter. There are still a number of items that need to be put in order, but we are excited about hitting the deputation trail in just two short months. Please pray with us as we move out of our house in the next two weeks and as we finalize our missions presentation.

In Christ,

Clifford Keister

2017 October – Click to download


One thought on “Prayer Letter – October 2017

  1. I  love you for the way I get to be there with you. Praise the Lord for the way he is using you. Keep up the good work. Your grandmother’s would be so proud of you.. My love in Christ for you and your beautiful family.  Aunty G

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