March 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                   March 2019

March was certainly a very busy month with weddings, funerals, and a number of missions conferences. We rejoiced with those that rejoiced, wept with those that wept, and labored earnestly through the midst of it all. Lord willing, we will see some great fruit from this month.

One of the major highlights was the meeting that we had at the Italian Consulate in Houston. They did not say yes, but they also didn’t say no. We have some more work to do to satisfy the requirements laid out by the agent at the Consulate. We have already sent some requests for documents over to Italy. Please pray that we will be able to get the documents and apostilles without having to make a special trip to Italy.

It is amazing how God sets up divine appointments. I had an opportunity to share my testimony and the message of the Gospel with a man of Italian heritage that lived in the countryside of Mississippi. Just a few days ago I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Washington State and a man from India was sitting in the next seat over. We got to talking and God allowed me to share the Gospel and my testimony with him. Praise the Lord for the seeds that have been planted.

We received some very generous love offerings this month and that has allowed us to start moving forward with one of the translation projects that we have. It is exciting to think that we’ll be able to go live with the online evangelistic tools that we want to use to reach Italians and others with the Gospel. Please pray that God will continue to provide more financial resources so we can expand on the work that has begun. Also, pray that God’s Word will work in the heart of the person that is doing the translation work for us. It would be so exciting to see the translator get saved.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

March 2019 – Click to download and print


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