May 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                        May 2019

This past month, there were a number of tornadoes in the state of Oklahoma. It has been a very active season. We had a whirlwind of a month as well. There was so much going on in a number of different areas. We spent the first half of the month finishing up meetings in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. From there we headed up to the Northeast, dodging tornadoes all the way there! We praise the Lord because we ended the month with 81% support.

One of the highlights of the month was an opportunity we had, as a family, to witness to a young couple in Amarillo. My wife and I, and our children were all there at the door and they allowed us to share our testimonies and an extensive presentation of the gospel. They both listened very intently. We really enjoy watching the Lord use our rambunctious babies as a means of giving us opportunities to be a witness.

We rolled out our online ministry tool this month and I’m super excited about that. The website is launched completely in English and also has the materials that we’ve had translated into Italian. We did a test run by boosting the English part of the site and nearly 40,000 people received the ads. There were over 1,100 link clicks (that means a person clicked on the ad and was directed to the webpage), and we sent out 10 Italian Bible studies. That was so exciting to see the response just in English. The system is automated so people in Italy can receive God’s Word and Bible studies even while we are sleeping. We still need to do more work on the site and need more funds (roughly $5,000)  to completely finish translating all of the materials and Bible studies into Italian. Right now we have the ability to start saturating Bologna and the surrounding area with the Gospel in preparation for our arrival. The goal is to see the online conversations turn into face-to-face encounters.

We will continue to press on.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

May 2019 – Click to download and print

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