June 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church Family,                                                                                       June 2019

We are getting into the Summer months and things are certainly heating up. There is much to discuss in this month’s prayer letter. We completed our final journey to the Northeast and the Lord truly blessed. We had really great meetings, spent some good quality time with my wife’s family, and were able to obtain the paperwork we needed for Italian citizenship. Much was accomplished and we had a number of churches that expressed their intent to partner with us in this ministry.

Major news announcement:We found out that we are expecting and will be adding a new baby to our Italian Band on January 5, 2020. This news is very exciting for our family! Our initial plan was to leave for the field in the second half of January, but now we are going to move our departure tentatively to February 25, 2020. This will allow my wife time to recover and also allow us to get the baby’s paperwork and passport taken care of. We are going to continue pressing on with the rest of our meetings. We’ll make another pass through the Midwest during the Summer and another pass through the far West, which will take us into November.

Please pray with us as we continue with our meetings over the next few months. Lord willing we will see the rest of our support come in during that time. Please pray for safety, as there are still many miles to travel. Also, our pastor has given us a book to read that deals with transitions. Please pray that the Lord will bless as we get ready to make the transition from the constant travel of deputation to the packing and downsizing of our earthly things, to the addition of a new baby, and our moving to a foreign land. God has been good through it all and we are thankful for those who have come along side with us in both prayer and financial support.

In Christ,

The Keister Family

Click to download and print: June 2019

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